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CellXU 細胞連線有限公司是由一群跨領域專業成員所組成的開發團隊,於2015年8月高雄成立,專業領域以 互動軟體開發 及 客製APP 為主,與系統整合商長期合作,軟硬體整合具有豐富經驗。

1. 展場互動軟體開發 (KINECT, LEAPMOTION, AR…等相關技術)
2. 客製 Android & IOS APP

1. Polsar Games 與 漁太郎遊戲開發工作室,以開發手機遊戲為主。
2. ExCube設計工作室,產品設計繪圖,3D列印打樣,再與工坊合作製作,致力於發展文化創意產業。


CellXU is a growing company composed of a group of cross-disciplinary professional designers. Since August 2015, it had been established in Kaohsiung. We are specializing in interactive software development, customizing APP, and system Integration.

We have rich experience in followings:
1. Interactive exhibition development using KINECT , LEAPMOTION , AR , etc.
2 . Customizing app design and development for both Android & IOS.

Furthermore, we have two studios:
1.”Polsar Games” and “Ryotaro Game Development Studio” to develop mobile games.
2. “ExCube” offers the following services: product design, 2D creative drawings, 3D printing, prototyping and manufacturing.