Jump! Catch!

Jump with me

“Jump!Catch!”is a game which the cats assist themselves to jump higher by other cat friend outside the window of the building.
But there is one thing in the game that needs attention:Each cat has its own unique personality,not every cat can Not every cat can help your cats jump higher.(Many attractive rewards are placed in high places,but the higher the height, the bigger the crisis.”

Don’t hesitate any more,download “Jump!Catch!”now and experience how to be a cat that can jump freely!

Drunken Man

Hit me again!!

As a busy worker,drinking a glass beer after getting off work can make him feel leisurely.

But……if the situation is complicated? More and more challenge maybe appear from other place .(For example,there is a puckish izakaya owner who loves to throw various things to customers(shocked couple))

Therefore,you can just remaining beer and taking off the unwanted with him by playing this game except drinking too much beer by yourself.

Tengu:Hiding The Moon

Taiwan version

Global version

《Tengu:Hiding The Moon》 is a special physical puzzle game.
A star-stone is involved in the conflict and unity of Tengu, four elements, Sun creature and Moon creature.
The star-stone’s formation, existence, destruction, and emptiness affect the human beings and the world.




Characteristics of the game
* The pictures are created by geometric structures and layered colors.
We want to build an artistic style by finding the difference while reserving commonness.

* We create some special playing methods which combine wind, fire, water and thunder images.

* The soundtracks make the pictures become more graceful and refined.

* Telling the story with painting book can help players understand the world.

● 2016 4C Digital Creation Contest | Game class| Gold Award
● 2016 SOTEAM | Mobile game class | Gold Award
● 2016 Vision Get Wild | Planning class | Silver Award
● 2016 Vision Get Wild | Mobile game class | Bronze Award
● 2016 ACG Bahamut | Mobile game class | Preferred
● 2016 Youth Innovative Design Festival | Game class | Preferred
● 2016 Ktaward | Game class | Popular Science Award

● YOUNG PIN DESIGN AWARD | Digital multimedia design class | Best design, Vendor sponsorship
● IMGA China 1st
● Taipei Game Show (Indie Game Award)